We deliver delicious salads made up of naturally-grown greens and organic meats for a healthy and filling meal.

Our fresh and succulent vegetables are free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers, grown in our farm located in Alfonso, Cavite with its rich soil and climate softened by the cool breeze of Tagaytay. They are grown with the personal dedication of Isabel Bacarro and picked fresh in cool dewy mornings.

Healthy, tasty and satisfying blend

Our greens are blended with organic meats or seafood, carefully selected delectable ingredients, whipped with tasty dressings made only of fresh fruits and herbs, and healthy olive, sesame or grape seed oils.


From Our Farm to Your Table


No chemical pesticides and fertilizers

Organic meats or seafood


Consistently natural thru personal dedication


Nutritious, fresh and succulent

Freshness kept in reusable packs

Salad Selection

Enjoy your personal choice, our M-W-F or Mon-Fri subscription plan

At the moment, we can only deliver to specific parts of Metro Manila. For a complete list, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.